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    招聘 (加入我们的团队)


    1. 保姆/护士

    • 照料宝宝及产妇的日常起居
    • 健康方面的专业护理
    • 经常与产妇交谈
    • 具有责任感,有礼貌,有同理心及爱心
    • 注重卫生,品行优良,有职业操守
    • 公司提供培训,需严格遵守作业程序SOP

    2. 月子餐厨师(负责处理厨房的运作及承担食品的质量)

    • 有能力准备30人份的餐饮
    • 有良好的敬业精神及学习能力,责任心强
    • 不吸烟,无不良嗜好,注重卫生

    Recruitment (Join Our Team)


    1. Nanny/Nurse Job

    • Take care of the daily needs of the baby and the mother
    • Provide professional health care
    • Interact frequently with mothers
    Work requirements
    • Responsible, polite, empathetic and caring
    • Pays attention to hygiene, good conduct and professional ethics
    • The company provides training and must strictly abide by the operating procedures SOP

    2. Monthly meal chef (responsible for kitchen operations and food quality)

    Job responsibilities
    • To prepare nutritious meals for at least 30 people
    Work requirements
    • Possesses a high level of professionalism and learning ability
    • A strong sense of responsibility is a must
    • A non-smoker with no bad habits and pays close attention to hygiene



    1. Staff Nurse

    Job Description
    • Perform nurse procedures that address mother’s immediate physical and emotional condition
    • Access the health conditions of the mother, guiding mother on breastfeeding
    • Daily monitor on the baby physical signs, detailing the growing up of the baby
    • Perform daily care of baby, such as feeding and bathing
    • Educate parents on baby care duties
    Job Requirements
    • Possess at least Diploma in Nursing
    • Registered with Malaysian Nursing Board and possess a valid practicing certificate.
    • Willing to work in shifts
    • Responsible and good interpersonal skills.
    • Fresh graduates welcome to apply.